Fiction Podcast Accounts On The Fediverse!

Fiction Podcast Accounts On The Fediverse!

The Fediverse—particularly Mastodon—is all the rage now days, what with the... let's go with "uncertainty" of other long-standing centralized social media platforms.

If you've made the jump and are thinking "Gee, where are all the fiction podcasters?", this is the list for you. It's constantly updated, and anyone can get on the list by filling out this simple form (which will be hand-verified later, so GTFO, spammers!)

The List of Fiction Podcast Accounts On The Fediverse

This list is sorted by type of account. And yes, it's an ugly embed that forces you to scroll sideways. But hey, things are moving fast, so I beg your pardon. I'll probably clean it up later. For now: follow these folks and boost their toots!

For the data nerds who want to sort the data on their own, here's a read-only link to the Google Sheet. Have at it!

This, like most things here at The End, is a work in progress. Again, if you have a Mastodon account (accounts?) that should be on this list, fill out this form and that'll happen right away.

Not Yet On The Fediverse?

One of these days, I may write a primer on how audio fiction folks can use the Fediverse. But that is for another day. For now, if you've not yet created an account, I highly recommend (and use!) the instance ran by Nathan Lunsford:

It's populated by lots of fiction podcasters and other cool creative type people, so you'll probably have a good time. (And yes, you'll be able to see content and share content from accounts on other instances/servers as well.)

Click that link, hit "create account", and join in on the fun!

And if you want to follow The End on Mastodon, you can do that as well!